In Photos: Whitley Awards for Nature Conservation 2018 Winners

Forsberg’s NGO has already gained legal protection for giant manta rays in the Peru. Her Whitley award work will continue to tackle threats to mantas and reduce accidental bycatch of the species. Fishers will be given technical and financial support to benefit from ecotourism, 100 citizen scientists will be engaged with monitoring and education programmes scaled up.
Photograph: Martin Strmiska/Getty Images

Numbers of eastern lowland gorilla – also known as Grauer’s gorilla – are estimated to have fallen by 77% over the last 20 years and the animal faces extinction by the mid-21st century without determined efforts to conserve habitats. Bikaba’s landmark achievements include getting communities to agree to commit 3,000sq km of forest for gorilla conservation, but for wildlife to survive, people must have access to livelihoods and future development.
Photograph: 2018 Whitley Awards


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