The Patriotic Clubs Training Young Americans

CAP Joint Dakota Encampment week in Rapid City, South Dakota

Kayla Wayman and other Civil Air Patrol students at the week-long CAP camp, en route to the Air and Space Museum to look at vintage military aircraft and missiles. Blesener’s exhibition The Making of a Patriot is at Anastasia Photo Gallery, New York, until 1 April.

All photographs: Sarah Blesener/Alexia Foundation/Catchlight Fellowship, in partnership with CIR/Reveal

Young Marines attend a ball at a local VFW, Hanover, Pennsylvania

Garett, a high school senior and member of the Young Marines, dances with his girlfriend at his local Veterans of Foreign Wars centre. The Young Marines is a patriotic education program with around 10,000 students nationwide, aged eight and over

Students practise a room-clearing drill in the Border Patrol Explorer Program, Kingsville, Texas

At the US Border Patrol Station in Kingsville, Texas, students use the ‘Virtu 300’ reality program, which helps train individuals in law enforcement in real-life scenarios with active shooters. The Explorer program is for students aged 14-20, and is sponsored by the Boy Scouts and Homeland Security

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