In Photos: Celebrating International Women’s Day

Amina Shallangwa with new mothers at a camp in Muna Garage. In December 2017, 406,638 consultations were made in Unicef-supported health facilities in north-east Nigeria
Photograph: Mark Naftalin/Unicef

Fatoumata Ouattara leads a group session on the importance of prenatal health. She says: ‘Mothers have to register their children at birth, respect the vaccination calendar to immunise them, exclusively breastfeed them for the first six months, play with them at home and enrol them in preschool’
Photograph: Seyba Keïta/Unicef

Fatoumata Ouattara (right) and other women who participate in the Mama Yeleen initiative in Baraouéli village, Ségou region, Mali. The initiative, promoted and supported by Unicef, trains women to act as model mothers in early childhood development, educating parents about good nutrition and the welfare of mothers and children
Photograph: Seyba Keïta/Unicef

Tata Oulalé, a Mama Yeleen, holds her six-month-old son Mohamed as she waits for him to receive vaccinations at the Baraouéli health centre
Photograph: Seyba Keïta/Unicef

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