In Photos: The Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest

Natural World

The Window – During my stay at a Costa Rican hotel, I noticed that red-eyed tree frogs flooded the gardens. As I approached this frog, it climbed into one of the holes in a leaf, as if it were sticking out of a window
Photograph: Salvador Colvée Nebot

The American Dream

Backyard – Curtis, Kate and Jude, siblings, lie in their backyard in Watford, North Dakota. The Long family has five children whom they homeschool. Western North Dakota attracted families from across the nation during the recent oil boom. Watford, like other rural towns in the region, is now facing unemployment and overdevelopment since the decline of the oil industry
Photograph: Sarah Blesener

The American Dream

Bow Girls – Three girls stand with their bows outside Travis Archery in Woodbourne, New York
Photograph: Stephanie Foden

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