In Photos: Travel Photography Competition

Katherine Bridgestock, runner-up

The heavens opened and the streets around Shibuya, Tokyo, were suddenly drenched in even more colour and movement. I was taking photos (my friend was holding the umbrella) when I noticed this woman at the crossing. I’m pleased with the futuristic feel of the image. MICK RYAN, JUDGE: A rich spectrum of colour, neon lights, a glistening street and a woman with an umbrella all combine with great composition to make this a very appealing photograph. Quite nearly perfection, if it wasn’t for the slightly distracting objects top left and bottom right.

loise Campbell, winner

The Dukha, the reindeer herders of Mongolia, live up in the mountains and reside in teepees. I had the pleasure of living with the Dukha and spending time with this women, a single mother, now grandmother, who bought up her two girls while caring for more than 50 reindeer. MICK RYAN, JUDGE: Some say that travel photography images should be candid but if they aren’t candid they should always tell a story and if possible have a unique perspective. While this isn’t perfectly executed (the woman’s face could be better positioned) it speaks volumes about her way of life.


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