In Photos: The Experiences of Cities at War

Santa Clara, 1959

Fidel Castro’s revolutionary troops ride captured tanks into the Cuban city which was liberated by fellow revolutionary Che Guevara
Photograph: Burt Glinn/Magnum Photos

Nicosia, 1964

Greek Cypriot police take up positions facing the Turkish quarter on Ledra Street after firing broke out on the ‘murder mile’
Photograph: AP

Saigon, 1968

A refugee from US Bombing in the battle for the Vietnamese city
Photograph: Philip Jones Griffiths/Magnu

Prague, 1968

Warsaw Pact troops invade
Photograph: Josef Koudelka/Magnum Photos

Beirut, 1982

The Siege of Beirut took place in the summer of 1982, as part of the Lebanon War
Photograph: Judah Passow/Alamy

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