In Photos: The Experiences of Cities at War

Verdun, 1915

The ruins of Verdun, France, during the first world war
Photograph: Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images

Madrid, 1936

Children play in front of the shrapnel-hit facade of No 10 Peironcely Street
Photograph: Robert Capa © International Center of Photography/Magnum Photos

London, 1940

A bus is leaning against the side of a building in the aftermath of a German bombing raid on London in the first days of the Blitz
Photograph: HF Davis/Getty Images

London, 1940

St Paul’s Cathedral rises above the smoke and flames of one of the worst nights of bombing experienced in Britain. Luftwaffe aircraft dropped more than 10, 000 incendiary bombs on the city on 29 December. The picture was taken by Daily Mail photographer Herbert Mason, who climbed on to the roof of the newspaper’s headquarters Northcliffe House. He caught a glimpse of the cathedral in a momentary gap in the smoke and recorded his historic picture
Photograph: Herbert Mason/Daily Mail/Rex/Shutterstock

Hiroshima, 1945

The atomic bomb killed more than 140,000 people. This building, originally the Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall, was just 160 metres from the hypocentre. The skeletal structure of the dome standing above the city ruins was a conspicuous landmark and has now became known officially as the A-bomb Dome
Photograph: A Peace Memorial Museumhandout/EPA

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