20 Historical Photos That Will Leave You Breathless

Alfred Hitchcock and Leo the MGM Lion having tea together. This photo of the great director pouring a nice cup of tea for the Metro Goldwyn Studios mascot was snapped in 1957.

Hitchcock, when he finished his cup of tea, would apparently just toss the cup over his shoulder.

We do wonder if they employed anyone to catch this crockery?


This 1929 photograph shows the“Spruce Girls” on the beach wearing spruce wood veneer bathing suits during “Wood Week” to promote products of the Gray Harbor lumber industry, Hoquiam, Washington.

Described as simple, cheap, and easy to make, yet fashionable, modern and most likely very buoyant.


This 1939 photo, taken by National Geographic photographer Luis Marden, captures the moment when a fugitive is being dragged by border patrol back to El Paso, Texas so he doesn’t escape the USA and enter Mexico.

You could say Luis captured the captured.


This monowheel vehicle design was patented in 1930 by Dr. John Archibald Purves. Known as the Dynasphere, it reached top speeds of 25–30 miles per hour (40–48 km/h).

This gasoline-powered prototype was 10-foot (3.0 m) high and built of iron latticework that weighed 1,000 pounds (450 kg).

The photo, taken in 1932, shows his son taking his father’s invention for a test drive along the beach.


This rather odd portable TV concept was created by avant-garde artist Walter Pichler in 1967.

The design was not meant to be a practical television set but more of a critique of technological advances that instilled laziness and atrophied people.

Could you imagine binge-watching a series on Netflix with this thing on your head?

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