In Photos: Peek Through Seasons


“Taken as dawn was breaking on the Mersey in early January from Otterspool Promenade, a section of public park and riverside path in south Liverpool, at low tide. The Stanlow oil refinery can be seen in the misty distance.”

Photograph: Ralph Dransfield/GuardianWitness



“Beer in Devon was a place I went on holiday regularly as a child, but this was the first time I’d been back in over 20 years. Saturday 2 February was a beautifully brisk winter day on the south coast with virtually no wind. Perfect weather for a spot of stones skimming.”

Photograph: James O’Hara/GuardianWitness


“I live just on the outskirts of Roy Bridge, so I regularly walk in the Glen Roy area. This wooden bridge spans the River Roy and leads walkers up towards Glen Brunnacan. The sky was a most wonderful blue. Fantastic walking weather.”

Photograph: Peter Rose/GuardianWitness


“Trent Lane is an old road running from Nottingham to East Bridgford. I’s about five minutes along the River Trent on a bridleway from home, so I often visit this area. It’s a special place early in the morning, with plenty of birds, geese, swans and waterfowl, and a resident kingfisher, along with some good views up and down the River Trent.”

Photograph: David Eberlin/GuardianWitness


“Perfect end to the day. A walk through the meadow. Taunton Somerset.”

Photograph: Polly Skene/GuardianWitness


“I’d noticed the windmill on the river Waveney at St Olaves while on the journey to Great Yarmouth on the A143. St Olaves lies between Haddiscoe and Fritton in Norfolk. A very picturesque place next to a single road bridge. To get to the windmill you have to follow the path along the old boat yard and behind some old rundown dwellings. I had to jump over a fence, scare away some cows, fight my way though chest high reeds to get there before the sunset.”

Photograph: Colin Page/GuardianWitness


”While living in Sydney I visited Coogee Beach a few times during the year. I was lucky enough to encounter a lady practicing some yoga poses at sunset by the pool. It was in the middle of the Australian winter, so it was rather cold. Once the sun went down the wind began to pick up and the waves were crashing against the pool, creating some amazing sounds.”

Photograph: Laura Limber/GuardianWitness


”Admiring the sunset near Roseberry Top on the Yorkshire Moors on 26 August 2017.”

Photograph: Edyta Rice/GuardianWitness


“The photo was taken in Worfield, a village between Bridgnorth and Wolverhampton in Shropshire. It’s a view over part of the flood plain of the River Worfe. Although it doesn’t look it, it’s right next to the main Bridgnorth to Wolverhampton (A454) road. I have been driving that bit of road for 30 years and seen it in all types of weather conditions. Driving east on autumn mornings towards the rising sun and into a little low lying mist, I’ve always thought how beautiful it looked and promised myself that one day I’d take some pictures there.”

Photograph: Rich Smith/GuardianWitness


“On a really dull day in Ashdown Forest, East Sussex I had little hope of coming home with any interesting photos- until I found this stream. The swirls of the water, captured with a 30 second exposure, caught the movement of the leaves in an unusual way. It was taken at Chelwood Vachery, which is a woodland area hidden within the forest. Weather wise, it was what I’d call a ‘dirty milk-bottle day’; overcast and drizzling. I thought I was wasting my time lugging camera equipment!”

Photograph: Sarah Mott/GuardianWitness


“These autumn berries were photographed at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew on Sunday 5 November. It was a favourite place I visited with my parents as a child, and is a beautiful photographic location. The autumn weather in south west London had just started to become cooler.”

Photograph: Fi Photos/GuardianWitness


“Snowy sunset over village ruins. As we were hillwalking in the snow on the west coast of Scotland we stumbled across the ruins of an old village. The ruins are located behind Carnasserie Castle in Kilmartin Glen. I’d visited the castle many times, especially as a child, but never actually ventured into the hills around it. The photo was taken on Friday 8 December, just after the snowfall that had come with Storm Caroline.”

Photograph: Rhiannon Dempsey/GuardianWitness

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