7 Shockingly Scary Photos Taken While Camping

You can see from the two images that in the first, there appears to be a man wearing all black in the middle of a group of playing campers. In the second photograph, taken only moments later, the black figure is gone! This is certainly a chilling discovery that was only made later when the photographer was reviewing their pictures.

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  1. Darlene Pirrello says

    These two photos were not taken at the same place or angle on the field. Look at the trees. They have changed from the first photo to the second. So, even if there was a black “figure ” in the first picture, it would not have been in the same place on the second shot. IF it was really there it would have showed up in the LEFT 1/4 of the second shot, not in the middle as it is in the first one. Look at the group of trees directly above the tip of the left red arrow. They are now completely to the left of the group, and the guy on the far left (in gray shirt and jeans) is now on the far right.