In Photos: The Children We Don’t See Everyday

Pierre Gonnord is a French photographer well known for his touching portraits of Spanish miners. This time, he decided to capture the beauty of uniquely-looking children; here, he uses a photography technique that makes images look like oil paintings. All Photos Pierre Gonnord represented by the Galeria Juana de Aizpuru, Madrid

Charlotte, 2010

‘I chose the person, the individual, alone in the margins of his social group,’ says Gonnord. ‘When I travel and meet a community, I have time enough to establish contacts and connections, to know individuals that move me for their charisma, sensitivity, intelligence, shyness, beauty … and this is why I decide to invite them (and no others) to do a portrait’

Iris, 2011

‘Installed in the silence of a room, generally a very small space, sometimes with daylight, sometimes with a lamp, a flash, just one spot … in a short distance, in the same living area, I can talk with the individual, my fellow, a chosen human being, and looking at him I repeat once again this old ritual. A very short moment. Probably the most ancient since man has been on Earth. Strip little by little all the details, and in silence try to catch what maybe is under the skin’

Nicola, 2010

‘I know why I do portraits. For the opportunity of encounters. These life experiences. Learn from others, listen, watch, see, feel, express. It’s to open one’s eyes to the world, to know other universes, other realities in order to go beyond one’s own small frontiers in the urban environment and enter little by little into the sharing and the understanding of humanity’

Alexander, 2010

‘Today, we put too much importance on the documentary aspect and not enough on the intimacy, which allows a human and psychological approach’

Attia, 2010

‘We are absolutely and irreparably involved in otherness. I would like for my portraits to situate us as spectators in front of this other that is at the same time our spectator. The other exists because we exist’

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