Really Weird Unexplainable Things Captured On Camera

This face showed up for a couple of seconds during a ‘weather bomb’ wave somewhere in the UK. Some people say it was God, while others claim the opposite. What do you think it is?

Photo: Carters

It was a usual day in Tennessee when dozens of birds randomly dropped down the highway from the sky. Experts claim that the creatures might have died because of temperature changes or got really scared of something – but what could have been?

This unique cloud formed somewhere near Melbourne, Australia. Apparently, the so-called ‘fallstreak hole’ happens when temperature drops below zero degrees, but the water still doesn’t freeze. Why that happens is still unknown.

On a seemingly usual day in New Zealand, nearly 100 volunteers gathered to help sea creatures. Over 200 whales randomly got stranded on the shore and people did their best to push them back into the water. Unfortunately, though, two dozen were already dead when they arrived.

People in the northern parts of the world were used to seeing Aurora Borealis. However, they were all amazed when a severe solar storm filled the sky with very bright, multicolor lights. According to experts, this rare event happens when the energy of the sun interacts with the Earth’s atmosphere.

Small as they may seem, lampreys can reach 15 inches in length and are filled with sharp teeth that can cling to basically anything. One day, one of them fell from the sky in Alaska. Nobody knows how or why.

Before a usual storm in South Carolina, the clouds alined symmetrically into a wave shape that covered both that state and Georgia. It looks really strange and rare.

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  1. Kurt A says

    Just glad I wasn’t in front of this one or at least in a good strong Light house.

  2. Kurt A says

    To the Lamprey picture: Have you ever heard of Sea Planes? There are hundreds (if not thousands) of them. The Lamprey just attached itself to one of them and let go when it got to cold or to high for them.
    I’d bet there are more of them now and all reproducing.
    Enjoy your next swim.

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