Amazing Photos Showing Another Side Of Our Planet

This woman named Penny is a lucky heart transplant receiver. In this photo, she is literally holding the heart she was born with, which was taken out after the transplant.

This macro photo shows a truly unique view on a cat whisker. While it’s really hard for the human eye to spot it, this unique wonder may be worth searching through millions of cats. Or not.

Some get a car, others get a trip around the world – and this lucky girl got a BeBionic arm made of Prosthetics in Motion for her 25-year-old birthday.

This girl’s mother just found out she is getting married – however, she did show up at the wedding. That’s what real love looks like!

Can you imagine how long it took for those drivers to leave these heart-shaped trails like that?

Norway is well known for its incredible beauty and these rock formations make no exception. So if you go there, be prepared for everyone to ask you if your photos are Photoshopped..

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