Grandma’s Priceless Reaction In A Self-driving Car For The First Time

At this point, I think we can all agree that self-driving cars are part of the future of society. Giant companies such as Tesla will surely be remembered for creating and testing these incredible vehicles. Everybody is impressed with the progress we’re making when it comes to cars..

… except for this 70-year-old grandma who got the chance of testing one of the latest self-driving vehicles out there.

One day, Ms. Shirley decided to try out a new experience, so she stepped on the wheel of her son’s Tesla Model S. The vehicle also came with the latest AutoPilot firmware, which only led to trouble for the adorable grandmother.

“Oh geez, this is my first day out, and I’m about to die,” she says at some point in a sarcastic way.. or not?

As soon as her son, Bill, shared the video of Ms. Shirley’s reaction, it became viral and no time. If you want to have some fun, watch it here!

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