Creeps You Out: Guy Catches Giant Waves Crashing Onto Window

You might thing that living on a cruise ship all year long is fun – and it actually is, most of the times. However, what this guy caught on video will give you shivers down the spine.

Stephen Burke works as a musician on a cruise ship named ‘Anthem of the Seas.’ It’s safe, it’s modern and the big windows of the passenger rooms definitely offer spectacular views on the ocean.

One day, though, it happened for the crew to catch a very big sea storm. Stephen used this opportunity to film the giant waves and if you’re afraid of sea travel, you are warned about this footage!

Let’s consider the fact that Stephen’s room is on the 3rd floor of the ship, so the waves were incredibly high and strong. And, frankly, that window doesn’t look that strong to me either!

Of course, nothing happened to the ship, but we’ll probably remember this video before going on a cruise ship ever again.

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