How This Woman Looks A Week After This Photo Is Simply Shocking

This Swedish woman is a real fighter. Only one week after her face was barely recognisable from being brutally beaten, she looks simply shocking.

Lina Landsberg is a 35-year-old fighter who managed to become the champion of the UFC Fight Night 107. The last match of the competition, which took place in London, turned the woman into a real legend – but nobody enjoyed her victory. Although her colleague, Lucie Pudilova, lost the fight, she turned Landsberg into a simply unrecognisable person.

Due to her severe head and face trauma, Lina Landsberg needed immediate treatment so as soon as the fight ended she was taken to the hospital.

However, she was more than thrilled about how the fight went.

‘Nothing compares to the way I feel right now. The harder I fight, the better I feel. What this sport offered me spiritually is simply priceless. Pushing my limits is the supreme challenge for me and it makes me feel so alive!’

If there’s anything more shocking than the way she looked after the fight, it’s how she recovered in such a short time. After just one week, the fighting champion posted a selfie on Instagram that barely reveals a few scratches.

Her caption? ‘I told you I heal quickly!’

We have no idea how she did it, but we definitely admire her courage.

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