Crazy Video Shows Escalators Reverse In A Crowded Mall

Have you ever wondered what would happen if escalators suddenly started moving backwards while you’re still there? Well, this experiment idea happened by mistake at a very crowded mall in Hong Kong.

Actually, not only did the escalators reversed, but they also started to move way too fast for people to keep balance!

It probably sounds funny at first – but things weren’t all that hilarious for the unlucky people who were there during the event. According to CNN, over 18 people who were on the escalators were injured and one of them suffered severe head trauma.

“It was so sudden that people couldn’t respond in time … more than 10 people piled up near the base of the escalator,” said a shocked witness that filmed the entire scene.

It looks like the two mechanics at the Langham Place shopping mall were to blame for the incident. It didn’t take long until they were arrested so the police could find out what’s going on.

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