Houston Student Tragically Dies After Meeting Beyonce

Unfortunately, a young student from Houston passed away just a couple of days after her biggest dream of talking to Beyonce came true.

Ebony Banks was a senior at the Hastings High School and had already been battling cancer for years. She was in her terminal phase received her graduation diploma while she was in hospital; she was feeling too sick to do anything.

When Beyonce heard about her condition and how badly she had wished to meet her, she set up a video chat conversation via FaceTime with the student. Reportedly, it was one of the most joyful moments of her life!

Only three days later, the teen passed away in the hospital. She had the chance of meeting Beyonce thanks to her highschool colleagues who started an online campaign so the singer could hear them out.

After finding out about her death, her friends and close ones gathered at the highschool for a remembrance ceremony. They all raised candles while Beyonce’s ‘Halo’ was playing in the background.

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