These Guys Can Literally Turn You Into A Tree After You Die

Are you tired of the usual traditions of coffin funerals or incinerations? Would you like to do some good to the world around you? Well, now your corpse can!

Although it sounds morbid, this ingenious idea can actually be turned into reality by Capsula Mundi. Long story short, this company will turn your body into a tree after you die.

Its founders are Italian designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel, who want to emphasize ‘Nature’s cycle of transformation.’

How does it work? Well, first the corpse is encapsulated in a fetal position (which also symbolises the cycle of life).

Then, the body is buried in one of the pods where a tree seed or an actual small tree is being placed.

The capsule of the corpse is made of starch plastic, which is 100% biodegradable.

Capsula Muni explains the rest:

The body will be laid down in the Capsula in a fetal position before rigor mortis set in or after it passes. Rigor mortis arises at different times for each individual and It has a duration of a few hours. After rigor mortis passes, the body will again become soft and malleable. Once the body is laid within the Capsula, it will be planted in the earth like a seed.”

Looks like now we can literally save the planet!

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