This Hum Rider Will Get You Driving Above Any Kind Of Traffic

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is as real as possible! If you’re annoyed by traffic as much as many other people around the world (me included), now you can actually ride above it. Literally.

This really weird vehicle known as the Hum Rider became viral in no time after people started sharing videos of the car riding above other cars without a care. The slogan of the model sounds something like this:

“Stuck in a traffic jam? Hum Rider is here to help. With the push of a button, Hum Rider widens and elevates and lets you drive over cars in front of you. Problem solved.”

Well, the only problem left right now is that there’s only one such vehicle in the world. The sneaky authors of this miracle come from the Verizon Telematics and the video actually wants to get more attention on the company’s in-car Hum device. Thinkmodo co-founder James Percelay, who is one of the creators of this brilliant car, explains the idea behind it:

Verizon Telematics asked us to come up with a viral video to demonstrate how its Hum upgrades your car, so we we pitched them the idea of a car that literally goes up. They loved the metaphor, and how a car that elevates its way out of traffic would get attention.

I have no idea if this is legal or not, but I will pray for these geniuses to start selling such cars!

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