Video: This Robotic Girlfriend Doll Actually Wants A Serious Relationship

In case you’re an inflatable girlfriend owner and like the freedom of it, beware: your girl will want to meet your parents.

‘Silicon Samantha’ is an updated version of the usual life-sized sex doll that made a surprising number of men fall in love. Its creator, Sergi Santos, is an engineer from Barcelona who thought that some guys may want to take things to the next level with their.. girlfriends.

As he explains, Silicon Samantha comes with Artificial Intelligence and a bunch of sensors that make her almost as sensitive as a real human lady. Pro tip: her most sensitive areas are the shoulders and hips.

So as you turn Silicon Samantha on for the first time (literally), she is automatically set on a romantic mood. This means that you can take her out in the world and even take her to diner with your parents!

“She is calling because she wants me to be with he.’ Santos explains. ‘She is asking for attention, but not in a boring way, if you don’t want to spend time with her eventually she will give up and she’ll stop calling you.”

If you’re looking for some action, though, you can get over that mood with some romantic Ed Sheeran songs (no, she really likes Ed Sheeran) and skip to action by kissing her. Unless you give her a kiss or touch her girly area, she will stay in the romantic mode.

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