Google Maps Will Be Able To Find Your Parked Car Soon

No matter how funny you think it is, many people (maybe you included) have a major problem in remembering where they parked their vehicles. Regardless if it’s in a huge parking lot at the shopping mall or somewhere on the street, it can take dozens of minutes until you can see your beloved car.. or even hours, if you’re unlucky.

Well, this is your lucky day because Google Maps is your next super hero! Right now, the company is testing a feature that remembers where you parked your car and sends you there in no time.


Unfortunately, the magical solution is only available for Android users who have installed the beta version. However, if it turns out to work well and be successful enough, the feature will also be officially included in the iOS app too.

Another key-feature regarding parked cars is that, one you set the exact spot where you park your vehicle, you can also add special notes. For example, you can write the parking lot floor and even a timer that tracks for how long you can park your vehicle.

And that’s how Google saves the day for many silly drivers around the world!

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