This Polaroid Film Made Photos That Disappeared Long Before Snapchat

One of the reasons why Snapchat became one of the most popular social media apps of these days is that you can post anything and it’ll disappear within 24 hours.Basically, this app allows you to share ugly selfies, totally uninteresting vines and even nudes if you’re into that kind of stuff and the whole world will forget about it in no time.

And if you think that this idea is original, well think again! The first ones who came up with this system were the guys from Polaroid, who designed the Fade to Black film. Basically, this film allows you to take a photo which will be printed and it will literally fade to black in 24 hours.

Polaroid Fade To Black Film - 24 hours - 72dpi

Not so many people know about this because at the time the idea seemed pretty crazy. I mean, why would someone want to take a photo if it would disappear anyway? *awkward silence*

Well, as Polaroid explains, the Fade to Black project was actually made for industrial use. More precisely, companies could use the system to share secret images and documents without worrying that someone could read them later.

So next time you think something is original, think again.

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