Nokia’s Plan On Rebooting The Famous 3310 In 2017

These days, there are so many smartphone companies releasing more and more advanced devices, that choosing a new phone turns out to be a real challenge! Of course, there are a few giants that have been around for years and know what they’re doing, but even so, the competition just gets bigger and bigger.

Well, back in the day, things were different. And by ‘back in the day’ we mean 17 years ago. Not only was there a single phone company that the whole world (literally) knew, but there was also a single phone model that everybody had. With over 125 million models sold worldwide (which was a major amount at the time) and none of the current smartphone features, we introduce you to Nokia 3310.

Why are we talking about this? Because the giant company whom we haven’t heard from in a while is now releasing the model!

The new-old Nokia 3310 will cost $51 and feature the same great features of the previous model: a seemingly never-ending battery life, buttons and a slightly modernised version of one of the most famous games ever: Snake. Aside from that, this Nokia, which is a bit bigger than the old one, will also include a very basic web browser.

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