This Tiny Printer Turns Your iPhone Pics Into Instant Film

No matter if you get nostalgic about those days when instant film was the thing or just think it’s pretty cool, we have a great solution to you. This small portable gadget somehow magically turns your iPhone pics into real-life memories to share with your friends. Or you can take photos of your printed photos and become a hipster.

Recently released by Fujifilm, Instax Share SP-2 is a second-generation printer that becomes more and more popular among photographers and not only. How it works? Well, the gadget exploses film pretty much like an analog camera does, so you can save yourself from replacing ink or waiting for everything to dry.

Aside from the fact that it works much faster than the printers our parents used years ago, all it takes for this guy to work is a fully charged battery and internet connection to share your iPhone pics with the device.

Overall, Instax Share is a great pocket gadget for sharing family or friends photos in real time, as well as having some fun at parties.

This detailed video explains how the gadget works:


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