Facebook Is Testing A Change That’s Finally Not Snapchat-Inspired

Have you noticed anything different about your Facbeook feed lately? Yeah, probably not and neither have I – yet the sharp eyes of social media addicts instantly spotted the change.

Considering the almost-scary number of people who tweeted about it during the past few days, it looks like Facebook is using all of our accounts to test new fonts for the platform. For those who failed to notice this as well, the company tried this before last year with the Geneva font – and things didn’t seem to work out as they wanted.

The good part about it is that this change isn’t Snapchat-inspired (like that Messenger daily-pic sharing feature)! However, that doesn’t make it original either. As tweets suggests, Facebook is thinking about using already famous fonts such as San Francisco.

According to a thread released by¬†Designer News, the social media company was actually planning to make this change for a while – but it’s only now that we really get to see the difference.

But why do this? I mean, it’s not like the current font isn’t easy to read or something. Well, apparently, some fonts are more user friendly than others. Not only does this mean that you’ll be reading your posts easier, but you’ll also be likely to spend more time on Facebook. Sneaky move, huh?

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