4 Key-Tips To Take The Perfect Cat Photos

Okay, it’s time to face it: one of the simplest way to become successful online is through cats. Somehow these ignorant bastards managed to rule the world from Ancient Egypt all the way to the 21st century!

So if in the past people built statues to venerate these fascinating females, these days a simple Instagram photo or a short video can turn anyone into the next big thing on social media. This is why we decided to share with you a few key tips and tricks on how to capture your cat’s beauty (or funny faces) simply flawlessly.

#1 Always be ready

This is a basic rule for human photography as well, but when it comes to cats it’s even more important! You never know when these wonderful creatures are about to do something really silly or beautiful, so make sure you always have your camera around. Also, as you find the right settings for a kitten portrait, try to save them so you don’t spend extra time on that.

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