This Plane Becomes a Car, Jet Ski – And You’ll Learn To Pilote It In One Day

Just in case piloting wasn’t already part of your bucket list, now it definitely should be – thanks to ICON A5.

This never-seen-before masterpiece of air travel is by far different than your average passengers plane. First of all, pretty much every usual adult can learn to fly it in less than 30 hours – and for this treat, we should thank the ICON Aircraft expert team who designed such an intuitive mechanism. In fact, it’s been found that over 40% of the lucky owners of an ICON A5 are not pilots.

However, just because it’s easy to pilote, that doesn’t mean it’s not just as powerful as other planes of the same size! This breathtaking machinery that seems to have gotten out of a James Bond movie has the exterior look of a sports car, foldable wings, a futuristic dashboard – and every single inch of it is extremely safe and resistant.

Pia Bergqvist, the executive editor of Flying, explains us the science behind a device that we’ve only dreamed of when we were kids:

“Even in a basic-training airplane all of the new instruments, gauges and switches can be quite overwhelming. Landings are generally not introduced until the student has logged a few hours of training. ICON brings its students to the water on the very first lesson to get the feeling of what it is like to land and to introduce the excitement of flight right away.”

And the most amazing part of all of this?

“Once you’re on the water the A5 turns into a (personal watercraft) with wings and you can play around in the waves,” she says. “In most seaplanes, pilots have to be very careful when making turns on the water. While there are limitations, the A5 is capable of safely making much sharper turns on the water without tipping due to its seawings.”

If this is the future of private travelling, we definitely want to be part of it!

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