This Company 3D Printed A House In 24h For Just $11,000

Building a house is a complex process; from architectural planning to the construction process itself, getting to the final result can take months and even years. Well, here’s some great news for those who are in a hurry. This company in San Francisco built a house in just 24 hours.

While it’s true that the construction isn’t exactly a penthouse, the fact that a 3D printer did it in such a short time for just $11,000 is simply amazing. Thanks to this record, Apis Cor became the first company to ever design a 3D printer that can print buildings on-site.

The interior of the building is 400 square feet large and it is located in Russia. The main material used to build it is a concrete mixture.

The windows, doors and furniture were later added, as well as the colorful exterior painting.

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