This Is The Best Company You Could Ever Work For – Fortune Said It

Every year, Fortune’s infamous list of the 100 Best Companies To Work For praises the best of the best from the point of view of their employees. This list gives us a better idea of the top businesses where Mondays could actually become fun! (Okay, maybe I exaggerated on that one.)

Either way, as we take a look at the list, it seems like there are 12 companies that actually stayed in the top every year.. for the past 20 years. Now that’s a lot of happy employees!

Let’s put it this way: what would you like your company to do for you? Free meals? Light work schedule? How about hairstyling or laundry services? This is no Science-Fiction because Google has already been doing it for years – and considering how well the company works, maybe more businesses should try it out.

In fact, this is the 6th year in a row for Google as the no. #1 in Fortune’s 100 Best Companies To Work For. The reason why Ford chose Google (again) is explained by themselves:

“Town halls held by black Googlers and allies, support for transgender workers, and unconscious-bias workshops (¬≠already attended by more than 70% of staff) help foster what employees say is a ‘safe and inclusive’¬†workplace at this hive of high performers.”

In case you don’t think you can get a shot at working for the nicest employers in the world, here is Ford’s full top 10 list of companies to work for. Maybe you’ll get a chance!

1 Google

2. Wegmans Food Markets

3. The Boston Consulting Group

4. Baird

5. Edward Jones

6. Genetech

7. Ultimate Software

8. Salesforce

9. Acuity Insurance

10. Quicken Loans

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