Get Hungry: Super-Slow Motion 4K Videos Of Popcorn Exploding

Regardless if you are a social media addict who spends all day watching videos or not, everyone can angree on one thing: anything filmed in slow motion is simply better. Considering the food obsession started out by the Instagram community, some folks decided to become viral by combining the two.

Therefore, with no further introduction, we present you the most relaxing (and delicious) video you’ll see today:

This super slow motion video is slowed down to 30,000 fps. The same effect is obtained from macro photography, which turns everyday objects into real works of art.

This popping popcorn was filmed as it exploded 1000 times slower than we usually see it. The dark background and the 4K video quality only adds to the beauty of it – who would’ve thought that these movei goodies could become such a relax thing.. to watch?

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