This Automated Studio Does Photo Shoots And Videos Without Photographers

We live in an era so filled with high-quality cameras and photography tutorials that anyone can proclaim themselves as professional photographers in no time. Aside from the tremendous competition that goes on in the domain, photographers now have a new reason to watch out for their careers: StyleShoots.

Although this product has been just launched on the market, its chances of success are high and it surely has a great deal of potential customers – after all, who doesn’t need photos and videos these days?

The Dutch company introduces us to Styleshoots Live, a photo booth that basically does everything a photographer would: lights, backgrounds, editing, camera motion and anything else there is. In fact, any person who knows how to use an iPad can control every detail until they get to the result they want.

The high-quality cameras can even shoot 4K videos and high resolution stills, which makes them suit any company’s desires.

Of course, no technology update could leave the worldwide-famous photographers out there. However, certain brands’ creative directors can very easily learn how to use devices like StyleShoots and get photo shoots themselves in no time instead of hiring an entire team of photographers. Could this be the future?

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