This Photographer’s Project Changes The Way We’ll See Strangers

Ever since our childhood years, we were taught to avoid strangers – particularly those with a strange look on their face. Therefore, even today, people who look too serious or mysterious are ignored or even judged by those around them. Photographer Jay Weinstein thought the same until a special encounter changed his perspective forever.

During an Inida photography trip, Jay was walking around a train station looking for interesting people to photograph. At some point, he spotted an interestingly-looking man, but ultimately he decided not to take his photo due to the cold look in his eyes.

As he was preparing to move on, he heard the same man yelling ‘Take my picture too!’ so he decided to give it a shot just for fun. When the man smiled for the camera, it was like he became a completely different person! This is when Jay decided to turn this idea into a complex photography project.

Many years after the incident, Jay Weinstein still continues his project in order to prove people that no one is what they seem.


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