This Russian Model’s Photo Became Viral After Dangling From a Dubai Skyscraper

What would you do in order to make your photos viral? A 23-year-old Russian model named Viki Odintcova was willing to risk her life in a dangerous stunt that was later on posted on her Instagram account.

Naturally, the short video showing the beautiful girl lean off the edge of a skyscraper rooftop in Dubai became viral in no time. While some admire her bravery, others express their concern towards this insane stunt. Cayan Tower, which was the place she and her friends chose, is no less than 1,004 feet high!

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The building developers and owners were definitely not pleased with the video – and for good reason. While there have been other extreme sporting events held at the Cayan Tower, they were all run with officials’ approval and trained professionals. As the video shows, neither Vicki nor her friends took any safety measures before performing the stunt.

“Under no circumstances can we condone Ms. Odintcova’s irresponsible actions, and we are in the process of reviewing our security procedures to understand and rectify where the lapse occurred and how to prevent such in the future.”

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In return, Vicki Odintcova also condemned the Cayan Tower developers and, in a way, she seems to be right as well. The model declared:

“We deserve a reward for disclosing weaknesses in the security of that building,” Odintcova told The National in an email. “We were at the rooftop of that building without any evil intentions, however someone else could have come out there to commit suicide or an act of terrorism.”


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