Press Mistakes Trump For Baldwin And The World Goes Crazy

I think we can all agree that nobody’s perfect and the press often makes mistakes when it comes to famous people – but when that one famous person is the President of the United States, all eyes are there. A small local newspaper from the Dominican Republic gracefully posted a photo of Alec Baldwin claiming that he is Donald Trump, right next to some accurate news about the President.

Originally published by El National, the news was regarding the decision of Israel to allow more settlers to build homes on disputed territories. Next to that, the article included a statement made by Trump, who said that this move wouldn’t help in the peace process.

Instead of adding a photo of the U.S. President, the newspaper published a (pretty great, to be honest) photo of Alec Baldwin as he impersonated Trump on Saturday Night Live. By the time the authors realized what they had done, their mistake went viral all over the globe. Soon enough, though, they sent a message regarding the event:

‘El Nacional apologizes to the readers and to all those who felt affected by the publication.’

And just to make things even funnier, here’s Donald Trump’s tweet regarding his opinion of Alec Baldwin:

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