This Viral Women’s March Photo Says More Than Anything Else

As we already know, the Women’s March started as a sign of protest for women’s rights – and the number of participants was amazing. Of all the meaningful photos out there, one became viral (for good reason). Take a look:


Let’s analyze things for a minute. A black woman sucking a lollipop is holding a sign that reads ‘Don’t forget: White Women Voted for Trump.’ Meanwhile, behind her, three white ladies wearing pink hats are smiling at their phones. The black woman also wears a hat.. it reads ‘Stop Killing Black People.’

This photo became viral in no time because it shows the differences and conflicts that occur between black and white women. While you may think the black woman’s sign is too much, numbers tell us different! Apparently, little over 53% of white women actually did vote for Donald Trump, while 94% of the black women voted for Hillary Clinton.

Even though all of the women were marching for the same cause, you can still see the cracks in their group strength. This photo shows how different women perceive and react to sexism and opression.

How do you feel about this photo? Let us know in the comments!

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