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Dallas, US

Dozens of people gathered at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to pray as part of a protest against Donald Trump’s new travel ban.


Photo: Laura Buckman/Reuters

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  1. alec says

    Wow this is stupidity, praying to who? There is only one God out here, they all need to be arrested and I wanna tell them get a job if you have one I would fired workers like that

    1. Tyrone Williams says

      So you think someone should be fired for praying, or praying like a Muslim? You sir is what’s wrong with America today.

      1. Jim says

        Pray in a CHURCH not on an airport floor…… For the love of GOD

  2. alec says

    One more thing look they all muslims. Put them on terrorist watch list this people destroying America- my home.

    1. Jim says