The Best Pics From The Presidential Inauguration

People are taking a final look at the platform where Donald Trump will be sworn in.


Photo: Doug Mills/EPA

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  1. Thomas F Valent says

    President Trump shall perform as POTUS as he has done in his business life – Excellent.

  2. David M. Hanshaw says

    If does nothing,It s more than the last one.

  3. Cookie says

    I’m proud to say that I voted for Donald J. Trump !! People ought to settle down and stop the protests! He’s OUR president and if “the Hollywood phonies aka Snowflakes” and others don’t like it or accept it, leave the country like you said. Personally, I think Cher has been on Jupiter for years!
    Give him time and the chance to prove himself, like we’ve all done with past presidents, and quit the bitchin’!

  4. Jim Sheppard says

    I think the country will be surprised at the way President Trump runs country. I think he will do a very good job.

  5. JRW says

    I am not happy . . .who would or should be . . . with arrogant, self centered, con artist and dishonest man such as him as president . . I used to look forward to living to 80 or 90+ . . . not now. I don’t believe that we will still be truly a free and fair United States in the years ahead. He continues to con everyone . . and I for one of many can’ and won’t respect a man who has such lack of respect for women, minorities, and the press. If he died tomorrow and I were to visit his grave, I would even bother to piss on it . . . it would be waste of good urine.

    1. Emceegee says

      Hey jrw
      Pray that you won’t be around to experience your fear. I’ll pray for your peace in the other side of life eternal.

    2. Debbie says

      JRW….you’re an ASS!! Find some respect, and show some dignity for your country. Otherwise feel free to go to a different one- it’s a great big world and I’m sure you can find somewhere else to run your filthy treasonous mouth!??

    3. fml says

      you must be talking about the fraudulent one obama

  6. Fidel says

    protesting ? ,the choice of the American people ?
    Get a life ! ,most of them ,not working !

  7. Juanita says

    Yes he will be an excellent President & will go down in history as the President who saved America.

  8. Linda Thomas says

    I think President Trump will do an excellent job in office. He has a hard task ahead of him in order to bring this great country back to where it should be and I’ll pray for his success and the safety of his family every day. (My only wish is that he will get rid of Nancy Palosi!!)

  9. Robert Ehlers says

    He’ll be a wonderful president. Already on day three has done more for our Country than Obama did in 8 years.

  10. Frank Wall. Sr. says

    I pray that the LORD is with president Trump ! If not, I am afraid for all of us ! He could be a disaster, waiting to happen !

  11. william Ekane says

    I declare that President Donald Trump will be one of the greatest presidents in the USA.

  12. Dick Wilson says

    He won’t be “good for America”, he’ll be great for America. As a businessman he will hold everyone accountable.

  13. craig says

    That is Marine Force One, the Presidential Helicopter.

  14. MaryAnn LeFresne says

    President Donald Trump will be an amazing President and we foresee his being re-elected after the 4 years are up.

  15. Mike says

    He already got the silent majority to get off their butts and vote for change.

    I hope and pray he sets new and better standards for running our country.

  16. Bill Briggs says

    As he puts in law and order, a great deal of confusion will blow off with resultant better prosperity for all.

  17. Janet says

    Trump will make AMERICA great again. Obama and Clinton were setting up AMERICA to be taken over by terrorist. I noticed the protesters were not AMERICAN citizens and on welfare and have felony records. I find the people also to be racist and ignorant of what is really going on. Obama hates the whiteys. Look at all the jobs he canceled. The only people who seem to have jobs and need to be replaced.

  18. James Christensen says

    Donald Trump will be a great President.

  19. johnny says

    He has already begun doing an excellent job. He went to work even before he was sworn in! He’s working at a break neck speed. He’s the energizer bunny of presidents.

  20. Joseph Haley says

    I am amazed that the people at large are not aware of the many going ons in our political system. I am retired, but held a supervisory position in which I supervised 200-300 part time employees. These are the demonstrators on the streets today. They would tell me they wouldn’t be able to commit to a work schedule for a specific day or tI’m as they were being paid more to be a protestor. I asked them on more than one occasion, what cause were they protesting. Not one of them new or were aware of what they should be protesting. What they all said in unison was they would get paid $1 an hr more from the protesting organizations.
    Additionally, I would like the people heaping praise on Barack Obama: Are you aware they he took executive sction, bypassing Congress, On things such as the Iran payment deal, numbers of immigrants allowed into this country , that the American family makes less money than they did 8 yrs ago, the GNP is the lowest it’s been for 30 years and recently posted a 1.2 mark, that we allow illegal immigrants the right to vote. Does any politician know the meaning of the word “Illegal”, that mayors of our cities are deciding to break the law in the sanctuary city fiasco, without consequences. The socio-economic system in our country is worse than it was 8 yrs ago. The media outlets of ABC. NBS, CBS, CNBC, CNN. MSNBC, NYT. WASH POST, LA TIMES, are all politically paid to report biased points of view. The news is twisted and reported incorrectly. Our internal political system is corrupt and directed bt George Soros money, the Clinton Foundation, etc. BLM is financed by rich white organizations that are looking to create a racist atmost here so they can attain their own selfish, rich, whit people goals.
    To solve this, the vote of the people must overcome thsee issue. Protests will allow the politically corrupt to continue.