15 Breathtaking Photos of Earth and Space Taken in 2018 You Have to See

From a magical solar eclipse, to courting terns, Stunning Royal Society photos showcase some of the most beautiful images of Earth and Space taken in 2018. Read on to find out more and enjoy it!

This compound image shows the solar eclipse of 3 November 2013 just before, during, and just after the total phase. At the start and end of the total phase light can shine through lunar valleys, creating the diamond ring effect.

This picture, called Three diamonds in the sky, was taken by Mr Petr Horálek. It was the Overall winner and Astronomy Category Winner of the competition.

This photo, called Courting Royals, shows two royal terns in courtship on a beach on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Just out of shot are another 20 or so terns sitting idly by and watching the loved-up pair in action. The photo was taken by Kristian Bell and was winner of the Behaviour Category.

This photo won the Earth Science Category. This photograph shows the volcanic landscape of Cappadocia in Turkey. It was created by a volcanic eruption (fire), is made of volcanic ash (earth), and has been sculpted by wind (air) and water.

The image, called Turkey: Born of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, was taken from a balloon by Professor Katharine Cashman.

This picture was taken by researchers studying the exploitation of a host’s own immune system by helminth parasites. This picture shows a rodent parasite that lives in the intestinal space of its host. The image, called Going round and round, was taken by Dr Leandro Lemgruber and was the Micro-imaging Category Winner.

This image, called Baby on Board, was taken by Anton Sorokin and was runner up in the Behaviour Category. Parental care is a behaviour typically associated with birds and mammals, it is comparatively rare in other taxa such as amphibians. However, some amphibians are very devoted parents, the poison frogs are a great example.

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